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6 Morning Habits To Set Your Day Up For Success

Our morning can shape our day. When you start anxious and stressed, scrambling to find your keys, you’ll probably find it hard to shake the tension from your shoulders. On the flip side, a calm and productive morning can position you to crush the rest of your day.

The next time you think about your morning routine, consider these small steps you can take to set your day up for success:

Start the night before

For many of us, the race to get out of the house on time begins the moment we open our eyes. It’s not surprising to run into obstacles that slow us down and make us late. Even if we make up for lost time, scrambling to get ahead is no way to start the day. Do yourself a favor and take ten minutes each evening to prepare for the day ahead. Pack your lunch. Prepare your coffee, take out the trash, or load up the dishwasher so all you need to do is turn it on. It won’t feel like a massive sacrifice, but you’ll be grateful you got a few things out of the way when you can breathe a little easier the following day.

Start your day with something you love

It might be tempting to pick up your phone and scroll through your Facebook feed the moment you open your eyes, but you shouldn’t start your day staring at a screen. Instead, you should spend the first few minutes of your morning doing something you love. Put on your favorite playlist as you brush your teeth, or spend a few minutes stretching before you climb out of bed. You’ll find it’s easier to get out of bed when you have something to look forward to.

Avoid technology

When you wake up, you mind has to start functioning. It means you cannot start the day in a reactive way but you need to be proactive. What does it mean, in reality? You must stay focused on things that don’t require your mind to feel the pressure and for this reason, you should avoid technology and instead stay focus on doing something that requires not an answer but a real action.

Find your focus

Your morning routine should include a brief planning session for the day ahead. Grab your favorite morning beverage, sit down with your planner or your favorite scheduling app, and figure out what your day will look like. Make a list of all the things you need to do and pick three of them to prioritize for the day. You can’t do everything at once, but in most cases, three tasks is a tangible target to aim for.

Enjoy a healthy breakfast

Start your day off right with a nutritious breakfast. If you have time to spend in the kitchen, cooking something from scratch can be a lot of fun, but if time is a precious commodity in your home, consider a quick alternative. You don’t have to sacrifice health for convenience, either – steer clear of the sugar-filled toaster pastries and cereals. Instead, opt for an energy bar, overnight oats, vanilla yogurt and granola, or a smoothie packed with your favorite fruits and green vegetables.

Get your blood pumping

A little exercise in the morning can give you a boost of energy to last well into the day. You can throw on some running shoes and take the dog for a jog or head to the gym to work out before work, or you can keep things easy and move a little at home. Find a short yoga video to follow or squeeze in a few squats and sit-up as you brush your teeth and tie your shoes.

Six Morning Habits like these may seem not significant but if you’re start practising every day, you’ll soon notice the difference and your day will start in the brightest and most productive way ever!

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6 Morning Habits To Set Your Day Up For Success

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