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6 Simple Steps To Boost Your Confidence

Living with low self-confidence can be tough. It’s hard to chase our dreams when we feel like we’re going to fail from the start. If you find you’re holding yourself back because you don’t think you can succeed, it’s time to increase your confidence.

Becoming a more confident person won’t happen overnight – it’s a mindset shift. However, there are a handful of things you can start today to boost your confidence:

Accomplish something small

If you’re in need of a little extra confidence, take a look at your to-do list. Skip over the big stuff – tough-to-complete tasks aren’t going to help you here. Instead, find something simple that you can tackle and check off without too much effort. Crossing something off of your list will give you a sense of accomplishment, which offers a boost to your self-confidence.

Do something kind for someone

Take a day to volunteer at a local food bank or donation facility. Hold the door for the person behind you. Leave your spare change in a vending machine or pay it forward in the drive-thru. It may be strange to acknowledge, but doing good things and helping others can boost your self-image and add to your sense of worth. As an added bonus, someone else will benefit from your generosity.

Stop negative thoughts

Many of us engage in negative thoughts throughout the day. We beat ourselves up without even noticing it, and it can deal a not-so-subtle blow to our self-confidence. The first step to squashing negative thoughts in their tracks is to learn how to catch yourself in the act. Once you know how to recognize your bad habit, you can take those negative thoughts and turn them around into positive affirmations, or visualize them evaporating into thin air. You’ll feel much better when you aren’t constantly knocking yourself down.

Dress for success

The next time you need an extra boost of confidence, put a little time and effort into your appearance. It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you’re dressed like a bum or haven’t showered in days. If you have to make a big presentation at work or are heading into a big job interview, don’t feel too bad about indulging in a new suit or getting a manicure a few days before. You’ll feel your best when you know you look your best.

Give yourself a pep talk

Find a mirror and state a few positive affirmations out loud. If you aren’t used to practicing positive affirmations, it might feel a little awkward at first, but encouraging self-talk can actually work wonders on your mental state. You can embrace affirmations that empower you, remind you of your strengths, and assure you that you’ve equipped yourself with all the tools you need to succeed in life.


There’s something incredibly empowering about knowing what your body is capable of. If you need to increase your confidence, consider upping the amount of time you’ spend at the gym. The process of setting fitness goals and crushing them can be just the boost your ego needs. Whether you’re out to conquer a 5k or aiming to powerlift competitively, embracing exercise will increase your confidence along with your fitness levels.

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Boost Your Confidence

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